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Steel Frame Construction

Our galvanized steel frames are far superior to aluminum in strength and longevity. While some aluminum alloys may seem better, aluminum does rust and wear. More importantly, aluminum does not hold up to fatigue in a marine environment where flexural and shear stress is a constant due to wave action. In addition, steel is a much less expensive material pound for pound. Our frames have stood the test of time all over Lake Chelan where wind storms can produce incredible wave action. These heavily reinforced space frames are designed to flex without causing high stress points that would cause breakage in other designs. Further, our patented hinges have proven to be vastly superior to anything on the market in terms of lifespan, while being totally squeak-free.

These docks are supported by modular replaceable floats and surrounded by industry leading full-height fascia to protect boat hulls and rails from damage. Additionally, all of our steel frame docks come with wide polyurethane edge railing all the way around. Top this with many options of decking that are both durable and comfortable to the feet, and you have a well crafted dock that will last a lifetime.