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Here you'll find answers to the most common questions.


Q: Do you sell and service boat lifts?
A: Yes, we sell RGC and Hewitt lifts and we service all makes and models

Q: Do you install mooring buoys?
A: Yes, we install mooring buoys with durable heavy duty components and heavy anchor that will stay put

Q: What is the process for getting a new dock or boat lift on Lake Chelan or the Columbia River?
A: First, several permits are required such as County, City, PUD, and Corps of Engineers
Part of this permitting requires drawing up plans and dealing with plant and aquatic life mitigation.

Q: Do you handle permitting
A: No, we refer all permitting to Grette Associates in Wenatchee. Their # is (509) 663-6300

Q: How long does the permitting process usually take?
A: Typically from 6 months to a year due to the number of agencies that provide each permit.

Q: When can you do shoreline work on the Columbia River?
A: Typically from October 1 through February 28

Q: When can you do work on Lake Chelan?
A: Year round. We have certified divers who can do underwater work while the lake is up.